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Straw Bale Consulting

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Since 1991, Paja construction has consulted for hundreds of straw bale house projects across the United States. Paja Construction offers all aspects of the consultation process, and will work with clients on any or all phases of a project. Paja Construction offers an initial complimentary consultation to ascertain the scope of your project and how Paja’s 22-years of experience can best serve you.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a complimentary consultation for your straw bale project.

The complimentary consultation will attempt to realistically assess the budget and scope of your project. It will help determine whether conventional straw bale or a hybrid of natural building methods would be appropriate for your project. The discussion will include a variety of natural and green building options.

Please see the table below to understand the phases, or schedule, of the consultation process. Paja would be happy to consult you with any or all phases below.

Phases of Consultation


I. Complimentary  Straw Bale Consultation

Familiarization of clients needs, dreams, hopes, expectations, etc
Setting a budget to assist in determining the realistic scope of the project
Discussing questions or concerns about the project

II. Design

Schematic design: site, orientation, house layout, design, doors windows, bedrooms bathrooms fixtures, height of ceilings, roof layout, etc
Interior energy efficiency analysis
Heating and cooling, active and passive solar
Exterior energy efficiency analysis
Natural Systems such as: swales, water collection systems, grey water catchment, tree + plant placement , etc

III. Permits

Translation of drawings and designs, into permit-worthy blueprints
Obtaining all necessary structural and civil engineering authorization
Obtaining building permit

IV. Straw Bale Construction


Laying out building
Digging footers and foundations
Placing forms, insulation rebar
Graywater, Septic, Electric, plumming, mechanical preparations
Radiant heating coils
Plumming, electrical, mechanical, general building, inspections
Pouring foundation and or concrete pad (mono-pour, bi-pour, or tri-pour)
Placement of anchor bolts straw bale pins in concrete

ii. FRAMING (usually a or b, sometimes both)


Stacking straw bales
Placing wooden perimeter top-plate on top of straw bale walls around exterior of building
Strapping or other means of attaching straw bales to foundation


Construction and erection of post and beam structure
Interior wall framing
Placement of roof joists and trusses
Placement of plywood and roofing
All electrical, plumming and mechanical "ruff in and top out"
All necessary inspections


Placement of straw bales. Use of strapping equipment or other means to secure straw bales to foundation
Attachment of stucco netting and stucco preparations
Application of exterior and interior plaster


Placement of exterior and interior doors, windows
Ceiling insulation
Installation and plastering of drywall or other interior wall material
Installation of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops
Installation of all electrical and plumming fixtures
All necessary painting and staining
Placement of all necessary tiling and flooring
All necessary inspections
Obtaining Certificate of Occupancy