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Straw Bale Walls New Mexico

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Straw Bale Walls

Straw bale walls in urban Southwestern United States have become very common throughout the past several decades. Straw bale privacy walls, on the other hand, are relatively new to the Southwest, and its catching on. Paja Construcion pioneered the use of straw bales as a material for building privacy walls. There are a couple crucial elements in the straw bale construction process that prevent plaster from cracking, and give the wall its utmost structural integrity. After 22-years of experience with straw bale, Paja Construction is confident to tackle any straw bale project and do it the right way.

Straw bale is an incredibly versatile material. The terraced look that you see in many of the walls has become a signature of Paja Construction’s privacy wall that is now imitated by competitors.

A straw bale wall around the perimeter of a property line does more than just establish a wonderful level of privacy. It also ensures security, which is a huge relief for many people in urban environments who live on busy streets. If you would like to start your own straw bale project, go ahead and contact us at  If you have a project you’d like to lead, and want to consult Paja Construction we’re happy to establish a relationship with you and we are comfortable participating in any part of the straw bale construction process from the initial consultation to obtaining a certificate of occupancy. Please feel free to look at our New Straw Bale Homes portfolio or our Current Projects.