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Straw Bale Construction Since 1991

Paja Construction was founded in 1991 to specialize in straw bale construction and other green or natural building methods. Cadmon Whitty, founder and owner of Paja Construction began working in the construction industry in 1980. After a decade of conventional construction, Cadmon saw a huge need to incorporate natural and sustainable building methods.

Cadmon Whitty Paja Construction Owner Straw Bale New Mexico

Pioneering Green Building

Since its inception, Paja Construction began building straw bale homes, pioneered and developed straw bale privacy walls / garden walls, and was a founding member of the New Mexico Straw Bale Construction Association. Cadmon Whitty initiated New Mexico’s initial straw bale guidelines which were later incorporated into the New Mexico building code.

Personalized Approach

Paja Construction honors a personalized approach to natural building that allows clients to be as involved in the process as they want to be. Compared to typical contractors or construction companies, Paja Construction seeks to understand individual clients and projects. Take a contact us for testimonials of clients who have had positive experiences with Cadmon’s personalized approach.

Harmonious Design

With tens of thousands of hours of design experience with clients and architects, Paja Construction specializes in creating a design that meets the needs of the client, their budget, and is designed and built harmoniously with the natural environment of the site. Take a look at the current projects page, or the straw bale portfolio page, to see Paja’s latest work.

This is all to achieve Paja Construction’s mission: to create the most affordable and effective straw bale homes.

Cadmon Whitty

Owner and Operator

Cadmon has been building straw bale houses since 1991. He is at the forefront of the straw bale construction industry in New Mexico, and is pioneering green building technology across the Southwest United States